Amid the intimate silence of the night, Spoon and the Forkestra roam their music through messy woods and enchanted kitchens, tell bedtime tales of sleepless nights and shout odes to life against strange walls. 

It’s a wondrous nostalgia that surrounds German indie-folk duo Spoon and the Forkestra. Timo Zell’s delicate basslines gently dance around the fragile and powerful voice of Emily-Mae Lewis who seems to be whispering her pictorial stories directly into their listeners’ ears. 

Spoon and the Forkestra turn their stages into a playroom: colorful and always a little messy, but streaked with gloomy shadows that dance on the walls. 

Folky elements meet psychedelic melancholy, the freedom of punk meets the sensuality of jazz and soul. We are experiencing a musical embrace – both slightly beautiful and a little gnawing at the same time; a reverberating kind of intensity stimulating awareness for the long-gone.